Open your profitable Lie detector business within 28 days and earn
more than 5000 $/month

Our company has been supplying polygraphs for government services for 10 years

We provide a 10-year warranty on lie detectors (polygraphs)

We teach the most accurate polygraph techniques developed for special services in the USA and in Russia

Buying a polygraph from us, you get not only a 500 US dollars discount for certified training in the main USA methods of lie detection, including MVI, UPLT, DLST, FZST, AFMGQT, but also the opportunity to earn not less than $ 300 for one polygraph examination, having a license and a certificate of expert polygraph examiner

What is a polygraph or a lie detector

If you are looking for more information about a lie detector, then you need to understand that polygraph and lie detector are synonymous. Polygraph is a scientific name for lie detector.

Polygraph is a biomedical device that consists of 3 components: a small box with chips (digital signal converter), 8 sensors that are mounted on the person to take readings and a computer with a special program that allows you to create test methods as well as record and decrypt indicators.

The main requirement for the polygraph is uninterrupted operation of 5 main channels – EDA (electrodermal activity), tremor, breathing, cardio systems and psychological component. It is very important to update the polygraph software on time.

Such uninterrupted warranty service can only be provided by the leading manufacturer of polygraphs with 20 years of history, that's, the School of Academician Varlamov.

Our main partner, the polygraph-manufacturing School of Academician Varlamov, was founded in 1994 by Dr. V. A. Varlamov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, and today the business is run by his son G. V. Varlamov, with whom you can talk personally at our polygraph courses.

Polygraphs made by the School of Academician Varlamov are the only Russian polygraphs that Americans used to procure for their needs under the Russian-American program. The unique scientific inventions of the Doctor of Biological Sciences that are implemented in Varlamov's polygraphs are covered by a patent.

Our company offers polygraphs of the most respected brands. A variety of polygraphs is always available, including Chris, Reef and Barrier 14. Diana, Epos or Polarg can be delivered by pre-order. All polygraphs are certified and under warranty, but the 10-year warranty applies only to the Chris, Reef and Barrier detectors.

In our company, you will receive accurate information about the devices and the justification of a fair price, as well as high-quality training in working with specified brands of polygraphs.

Buying any polygraph you will get a book as a gift. That is the first Russian Polygraph Encyclopedia
authored by R. R. Sadekov., A. V. Losev and A. A. Miller in collaboration with Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of the Department of Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy of the Academy of Public Administration and Management under the President Rustem Faridovich Latypov.

The book was initiated by the head of the department of psychological, pedagogical and medical support for the activities of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Domodedovo Center for Further Professional Education of the All-Russian Institute for Advanced Studies of the Officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, police colonel Rustem Rafekovich Sadekov. R. R. Sadekov is the head of the department of training of polygraph examiners for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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Polygraph Encyclopedia

Moscow 2016
How to choose a polygraph
Find an affordable model, then click "Learn more" and enter your details

Barrier Polygraph
3.000 USD
Professional and affordable computer polygraph
CHRIS Polygraph
4.000 USD
Professional computer polygraph with the best price-quality ratio
REEF Polygraph
5.000 USD
Professional computer polygraph with an additional filter
Diana 7 Polygraph
6.000 USD
Professional computer polygraph with an additional filter
Comparison of popular polygraph models. The cost of 28 days training with the polygraph is

2,000 USD

Parameter name
Barrier 14 polygraph
Chris and Reef polygraphs
Katrina polygraph
Number of sensors
7 pieces
8 pieces
10 pieces
Sheriff 6 m
Sheriff 7 m
Sheriff Katrina
Psychological component head sensor
HSS reaction measurement

ESS reaction measurement
Ability to test 2 persons at the same time
Search test patterns
MVI test patterns
DLST and UPLT test patterns
Availability in Moscow
Delivery to the regions in 3 days
We hold regular conferences to improve the quality of the methods used and the polygraphs themselves. Click on the arrow and watch the video.
Buy poligraph and become best specialist
Freedom and independence from employers
There will no longer be any bosses. You make all decisions yourself. Your income depends on you.
You are treated as a representative of the special services

Polygraph examiner is a very rare and respected profession. Few people know how to reveal a lie, so there will always be a special attitude towards you.
Polygraph examiners are in constant demand
You will find a huge number of orders for the disclosure of theft, adultery or crimes or personnel checks when hiring.
The average cost of your hour when working with a polygraph will be about $ 300
With full day employment, the polygraph examiner earns between 5,000 and 10,000 US dollars per month.
New useful connections and acquaintances thanks to the polygraph
A huge number of contacts among large businessmen, heads of security services, colonels and generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
After buying a polygraph, you will gain access to 50 video lessons from which you will learn all the secrets

* In this video you can see how the classes are held in our school
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7 advantages of buying a polygraph from us

Which benefits you get by buying a lie detector from our company?
Learning from Donald Krapohl's students, as well as the creators of the MVI method, and membership in the ASE MVI
You learn from the creators of the method with the highest accuracy – 95% as proved by the Serbsky Center (Rospatent number 2531645).
The main USA methods + the main Russian method
For your money, you'll learn the basic USA methods from Donald Krapohl and the Russian expert methods, that is, the Varlamov-Nikolayev search and the MVI method.

You get an occupational license
All graduates are licensed to use the MVI method, which is an important factor for customers and participation in the court proceedings.
Mandatory internship in large companies
All our students complete mandatory internship in Moscow firms.We teach how to reveal a lie without a polygraph, and we teach profiling.
Free accommodation in Moscow
We provide accommodation and transportation for the duration of training for those who come in from India.
Marketing tools training
We do not just produce expert polygraph examiners.
We produce professionals who know how to sell their services.
All graduates participating in our association can send polygrams to us for verification.

Awards for successful polygraph examiners
* In this video you can also see the awarding of distinguished colleagues.
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Feedback from students of our school
* In this video you can also see the awarding of distinguished colleagues.
Want to enroll in one of our tutorials?
Just fill out the form below right now!
Feedback from students of our school

I bought the Chris polygraph from Andrei Alekseevich fon Miller in 2009. He helped me to understand this difficult subject and not to overpay for the Reef. I am very much pleased with my choice. Thank you for saving over 80,000 rubles. The polygraph runs like clockwork, I only changed the tremor sensor. Replaced under warranty, as promised.

Polygraph examiner from Nizhny Novgorod

Phone number 8 (951) 902-44-30
Polygraph examiner from Nizhny Novgorod
Phone number 8 (951) 902-44-30
Polygraph examiner is a very useful profession! It was difficult for me to understand which polygraph to buy. For example, in some websites I read that I needed the Reef. But thanks to Losev and fon Miller who honestly said that I needed the Chris and that the test result does not depend on the polygraph itself. Thank you very much! Pleasant honesty of Andrei Alekseevich fon Miller was also very profitable for me. And a special thank you for such a simple presentation of knowledge about the polygraph! And this knowledge greatly influenced my further development in this area!

Court expert, Moscow

Phone number 8 (925) 855-13-75
Igor Fomichev
Court expert, Moscow
Phone number 8 (925) 855-13-75
I am very much pleased with the fact that your organization does not seek to foist the Reef polygraph on you that is expensive and, frankly, not needed, but proposes honestly Chris or Barrier 14 polygraphs. With Chris I provide the same quality as with Reef but I did not overpay. Now I additionally purchased a Katrina polygraph, since there are so many orders. Personally I, as someone who served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and retired, like this private practice very much.


Expert polygraph examiner, Ulyanovsk

Phone number 8 (951) 098-88-89
Expert polygraph examiner, Ulyanovsk
Phone number 8 (951) 098-88-89
I bought a polygraph from Losev and Miller in 2013. As promised, they trained me at a discount of 20,000 rubles. The stuff is organized very well. Everything is very clear. A lot of practical information. A lot of information that allows you to distinguish what is really important from what is imposed by the sellers of polygraphs. They licensed me to work, and today I earn more than 100,000 rubles a month. Thanks!


Court expert, Moscow

Phone number 8 (903) 136-47-73
Court expert, Moscow
Phone number 8 (903) 136-47-73
Operating documents

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Who do we train specialists for?
Our activity in numbers
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polygraphs sold
years of teaching

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Frequently asked questions
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Who can buy a lie detector device?
Anyone can buy a polygraph, which is also called a lie detector, from our company.
Can I use a lie detector without training?
From our ten-year experience in the training of polygraphologists, successful and high-quality work with the polygraph claims at least remote training with a five-day internship in Moscow or with our representative in your region. Our representatives are in each regional center, and they will definitely help to master the work with the polygraph on the spot.

If you work only with the MVI method, then 10 days of training will be enough, due to the simplicity of the methodology.
Who can provide lie detection services using a polygraph?
Polygraph checks can be carried out on the basis of a license or academic credentials, as in Russia there is no such profession like a polygraph examiner. But customers have more confidence in the license.
Is higher education required to work with a polygraph?
To get a training certificate, you must either have a higher education or be a 3rd year student at any university, which must be proved by a certificate. But it is possible to work with a polygraph on the basis of the license which we issue. So, in fact, you can do without higher education.
Where to find customers after buying a polygraph?
We provide you with a website and a customized advertising company that you will use to receive enough customers.
What if in our city there are already polygraph specialists?
No problems! See how many notaries there are in your city, but they always have clients. The same with us. If you take all the polygraph examiners in Moscow, there are about 1,000 of them, but everyone has a lineup of clients for a few weeks ahead.
Which polygraph it is better to buy?
No difference. Polygraphs for 400 000 rubles and for 85 000 rubles perform the same functions. They read physiological condition. Therefore, when manufacturers or sellers of polygraphs tell you why one device is better than the other, do not listen to them. They just want to make more money on you. We honestly say that there is absolutely no difference between them.

For 10 years, 80% of all sold polygraphs are CHRIS polygraphs. They showed the best price-quality ratio.
Can I buy a polygraph and learn remotely?
You can, but in any case, you will need to complete an internship, either in Moscow (for 5 days) or with our representatives in your city.

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