Оpen business in the field of lie detection by franchise and earn up to to 450.800₹
after 15 days

5283 partners in 54 cities all around the World have become our partners

360.000 ₹
Investing in the project

10-20 дней
Time to start a project

4% royalty
Payout from turnover

10-30 days

What is AJE MME?

The company which developed the method of detecting lies-Method of mutual exceptions which is today used all over the world
It is well-built business of providing services in the field of lie detection as for the civilian population, and for the government departments too.
The Association of Judicial Experts is a large community of businessmen who make a profit after obtaining education and licenses to work.

Ramesh Kumar Singh
Presentation of the delegate of AJE MME in India

Who will be your client?

There are 4 main groups of people which use the services of lie detection

Private persons
The services of lie detection are used by citizens who suspected their lover in adultery. Also,services are ordered for small domestic situations.

Corporate customers
Services are ordered for the recruitment of staff the company, to identify risk factors. Also for corporate investigations in cases of theft or information leakage.


Practically every lawyer in his practise orders services of a lie detection to use test results in court to protect a client.


Public authorities,wether it police,the court or the secret services use our service to clarify civil and criminal proceedings.

Andrey Fon Miller and Andrey Losev creators of AJE MME
The creators of the world wide lie detection method
Advantages of business with AJE MME

Why in the sphere of a polygraph in India is very favorable today

В You will be among the supreme
The lie detection services market in India is just beginning to develop, so you have tremendous opportunities to take over the market throughout the India.

High average bill of services
We have been working in the Indian market for one year, we render services both for the civilian population and for the authorities. Our average bill is up to 15.000 for the one check

High demand of services
Lie detection services exist in all well developed countries and this services are an integral part of the civil and criminal trials. It is rarity in India today

Low competition.
We analysed the market and came to a conclusion, that there is practically no competition in the lie detection sphere. Services are rendered by only few companies, but there are a lot of orders.

Relations with the state
By the time, you will start a relationship with representatives of special services, police and other government agencies, it is very useful for you.

High profitability
One specialist can conduct 4-8 tests on polygraph per day, which turns out to be 60,000-120.000.What if there are 10 specialists in your team?

All this means that today is the time to enter the lie detection market in India.

Who will do it today, in 1 year will be the market leader.

How do we work?

We sign the contract
You come to our office where we conclude the contract on joint activity

You will get trained
You will get trained at our office and obtain the license for activity

You receive polygrap
You receive the tool for a lie detection - a polygraph with all accessories
Getting stared
We give you the tools to attract customers and you start work

How and where will the training take place?

The training will take place in the our representative office in new Delhi. It takes place in the format of lectures and practical part. It takes 1 week, and after that you will receive a diploma with a license.

Do you support your partners?
Certainly! All of our partners, after training, can consult with any of our representatives, both in India and in other countries. AJE MME conducts trainings and meetings for its partners. In addition, all the results of polygraph research, for any of your clients,are sent for verification to the main office in Moscow.
What do I pay royalties for?
You pay only a small percentage of your earnings, these payments are used to maintain the work of the company. Due to this you get a checking of the results of your tests in the main office, which eliminates the possibility of your error and gives 95% accuracy to the MME. In addition, some of this money goes to the organization of additional training for you.

Our contacts
Head office
Moscow, Russia
Tverskaya Str. 20/1
+7 (495) 118-23-92
Moscow, Russia
3rd Street Yamskogo polya 2/13. 2nd floor, Room 221.
New York, USA
289 Meserole Str., Brooklyn.
New Delhi, India
Dwarka sector 6,
Rajpath Marg.

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